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Welcome to the Iraqi Dinar News Page – If the currency of Iraq is discussed on mainstream media, it will be posted here. You have to scroll down to find the links to the latest articles.

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Update – 12/18/2016

I spoke with the FBI privately, but I’m able to share information that can help people out there who have been lied to.

Regarding the private exchanges, I asked what they think happened to those people who were involved with a private exchange, whether it was in Reno, or California or anywhere else, involving the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar, Indonesian Rupiah, Chinese Yuan or other currency.

Here is the response:


That is from them.

Now, check out this email below, it opens in a new window for you:

Here is the text:

To: Nick Giammarino <>

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mark Meersman <>
Date: Tue, Aug 25, 2015
Subject: Invite Re: New Schedule to exchange

I clean up typos…

Show them this email to get thru.

Sorry for the people that can’t leave us PIFFERS alone and lets us pay
it forward. Wed 26th 8am-8pm to Sept 2 at this address

706 Springdale Rd.
Bedford TX 76021

Please give to your people quietly and do not let anyone put it on a
blog. We are going to service your people here as discretely as

This is last chance to get thru this, as people seem to create issues
for us to not get people done. It is all we can do.

I am truly sorry for wasted trip and that as it just happened, as they
seemed to work very hard at closing us on some violation. It was
meaningless, as they just don’t want us here. Law enforcement was rude
about it and clearly even with all of what proof of being real they
still had it out for our group and me. To be honest it is not anyone’s
business as we are all clients of Lindsay. All things will remain the
same terms and the great rate as all of us have been given. Please for
your safety and so it doesn’t get stopped again don’t share.

Here is today’s call in information and video link:


LIVE VIDEO 9/20/2016

I decided to make a backup stream, just in case we have issues. Also, since I have two separate YouTube channels, this was a test to see if Livestream works for both:

Here is the Iraqi Dinar Movie Titled: The Bond

For now here is my latest call from 9/17/2016 which was over 3 hours long. The audio quality and video is superior to what is currently on YouTube here:

Call notes by Rambler Nash:
1:45 Zim and Bruce Big Call debunked. With RBZ articles
14:50 VND forecast from Nick: “It will continue to devalue slowly” With news articles.
20:20 Nick launches free IQD Aribic Translation Service and caller calls Guru’s liars.
23:15 Dinar Daily and Guru Hunter mentions. Nick calling out Garry Mcguire and ADMINBILL as liars.
25:00 Yuan being backed by gold? With charts.
27:05 Iraq Currency Watch website and recommended article/podcast
28:55 China, the IMF, and the basket of currencies. With articles.
30:30 Caller ask Nick “Who’s telling the truth?” (Nick has patience with this caller)
36:20 Same caller “All of y’all are lying to us and we don’t know which one to go to.”
40:15 Nick calls Dave Schmidt (No Answer)
45:20 Masters Trust mentioned
49:10 Iraq Currency watch has the facts on Bruce.
49:40 Wells Fargo 800# revealed.
55:35 Caller says he exchanged 2.5M Dinars for 1.18 Euros per Dinar (received 2,948,000 Euro’s) in Luxenbourg.
1:01:15 Sam I Am joins the call to talk about the last caller. “Why would they pay you 1.18 Euro for a Dinar when they can go and pick up a Dinar for 1/10 of a penny?”
1:03:15 Sam I Am “The Reno Exchange” A year in a Hotel.
1:07:00 Sam I Am “Finally I got so frustrated that these guys don’t know what they are talking about” Nick points to the Sam I Am archives.
1:10:35 Nick “Basically, everything the Guru’s said that was going to happen is the opposite”
1:17:40 Caller has a friend who has 80,000,000 Dinar, and sent 20,000,000 to a private exchange in Florida.
1:24:00 Earlier caller calls back and asks about the G20 meeting and the Global Currency Reset.
1:25:49 to 1:40:10 Video loss.
1:30:15 Same earlier caller and EO 13303.
1:41:20 Caller asks about the Landa calls. (Jerzy Babkowski) “Landa China Global is a huge scam”. More on Jerzy (ZAP) here:
1:47:00 Caller “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out”.
1:55:10 Caller asks “Who are they?”.
1:58:15 Nicks caller gets discovered as one of Garry’s (Wingit) callers who knows a paymaster from he Admirals Group. ( )
2:04:00 Nick “There was never a Kuwaiti revalue”
2:04:55 Nick regarding the Iraqi RI “That doesn’t mean there will be a rate change. It just means that you can exchange it on the foreign market”
2:12:20 Nick brings out some RayRen documents.
2:29:00 Generals64 Group brought up

2:31:25 Nick “There is no Wells Fargo Group.” “Anybody who says Wells Fargo…Huge scam” With documents

2:35:15 Nick “I can put up an old conference call from 2010 and people today would think it was recorded yesterday, they would not know the difference”

2:36:10 Garry Mcguire with the Wingit call and advertising a trust gets brought up. Nick says it’s a huge scam.
2:46:00 Blaine Fogel brought up and Blaino’s NDA discovered still on the internet.

2:471:05 Nick demonstrates how easy it is to find customers invoices from Dinar Inc. on the internet.
2:53:00 Nick goes over his background.
3:02:55 Sam I Am “This is a hard currency scam”

Iraqi Dinar Guru Revaluation News Updated Daily

There was an article which I am going to be properly translated about the 100,000 (100k) Iraqi Dinar banknotes.  Here is what was said:

Economic > Central bank:

Print category 100 000 dinars , and we are waiting for official approval lowered into the market
Central bank: Print category 100 000 dinars , and we are waiting for official approval lowered into the market
logo jumhuriya

Central bank: Print category 100 000 dinars, and we are waiting for official approval lowered into the market
Mon, 22 Aug 2016

The central bank announced the printing and design a model for a class {100} thousand dinars, while noting that the leaves put on the market until they choose the right time.

The bank adviser said Walid Idi in a press statement that “the category of {100} thousand dinars printed and is designed such a model, and we will choose the right time to put on the market.”

He added that “put on the market will help to stimulate the economy through the operations of exchanges between traders and commercial transactions between the operating companies,” as well as the category of the {100} thousand easy storage and load and is designed along the lines of international currencies, then, that its security system a high level, it is difficult to falsify. ”

He noted that “put on the market requires, inter alia, promotional media campaign to get to know them, and being equal to or close to the category of the {100} the US dollar.”

Idi said that “the decision to leave the Board of Directors and County, Keywords, put up for trading on the market.”

And sees specialists in economic affairs, the central bank issued coin of 100,000 dinars category comes to control the construction of monetary policy keep pace with economic conditions experienced by Iraq.

Please note that the Central Bank of Iraq recently issued the new 50k banknotes and removed the 50 notes.

Iraqi Dinar and other News Updated Today

Update, MAJOR Dinar website hacked! Here is my review of the site:

Go here to learn more about the site

Here is a dinar call from the BH Group I recently discovered, it was removed from their server, but archived on a single computer, which I gained access to:

Always check out the DINAR RV NEWS HOMEPAGE first

11/15/15 –

There are a lot of dinar guru websites out there that continue to post the same news from the same failed sources day in and day out. What is their true agenda? Do they keep in regular communication with their members? Do they always have the same callers on all the time? Are they always pumping products and currency sales or worthless trust packages? Do your research on everyone and please check out our advertisers:

11/13/15 – New 50k IQD Banknotes – Insight and Thoughts

3/5 –

3/1 –

Welcome to the breaking news page for the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation News website

Here are the links where you can find me


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I chose to only have real content, verified, and accurate content for my site.  The links below are updated all the time, not just daily, so if you return in four hours chances are you will find new news posted here.

With the CBI being one of the most important aspects of the reset, it’s important to understand the news coming out of the country, obviously with the ISIS in control right now there probably won’t be any new currency (lower denominations) released for at least a year.  See the news below.


As stated above, the International Monetary Fund is probably the most key figure in this planned reset, I have included Christine Lagarde’s speech about the reset below the news feed for anyone who does not believe that a reset is being planned.  Please note that no guru knows when this will happen, so don’t listen to dinar calls everyday or every week expecting to get “new intel” because they get the same intel that I get, and I’m getting it from the horses mouth.


February 2015

Dinar Daddy the truth behind Treasury Vault’s success, and the scam going on.


January 17, 2015

Hi everyone, welcome to 2015.

I’m planning on uploading some videos shortly.  As you all know, my site was hit three times.

1. Someone sending fake links to my Vietnamese Dong article.  Obviously, the dealers hate the fact that I rank for so many Iraqi Dinar keywords

2. Someone sending fake traffic to my Articles.

3. Fake negative votes to my videos

4. Fake negative votes to my 2nd YouTube video about TNT Tony (notice a pattern)?

I’m working on a long article on the Iraqi Dinar scam that took place.  Just google BH Group and you will see.

Stay tuned to this article for updates.  Thanks


December 5, 2014

Hey everyone, OK, so I really want you all to not be completely surprised by this, but there have been a lot of people who have gotten ripped off by Iraqi Dinar dealers.  It seems to me that it’s hard to have a call (podcast) about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (or lack thereof) without mentioning a sponsoring currency dealer.

As you know by now, I don’t support ANY dinar dealers as I feel they all charge too much.  I also feel that you can do your own research, but I made a quick video about it as well as a guide you can view.  I had success with my Vietnamese dong guide.  In fact, if you do a search for buy Vietnamese Dong my site comes up, the dong dealers are not happy about this because they are PAYING to advertise, and I’m there naturally.  I have been contacted by different currency dealers pleading with me to put their banner up on my site, I don’t do it.  If you see an ad for a currency dealer on my site, that’s just a Google Ad, which, if you contact me, I can remove.

Here is a link to a guide I wrote about the Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar Guide: How to Purchase Iraqi Dinar

Vietnamese Dong Guide: How to purchase Vietnamese Dong

For this page, you can see the links below will open up to external pages in the Google News Feed.  There are a lot of news stories out there, and lots of dinar sites trying to update you on what they consider really important news, however, as we have seen, most of it cannot be proven.

Latest Iraq RV News Updates

December 5, 2014

Oil Price Drop Forces OPEC Member Iraq to Weigh Spending Cuts


The CBI, or central bank of Iraq is a key component of the Global Currency Reset and especially the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation, so I have chosen to include that as part of this page.  The IMF or International Monetary Fund, is also the agency where managing director Christine Lagarde mentioned that, “Essentially, what we believe is needed, is a reset, of the way in which the economy grows around the world…..”

The first news updates below are on the Iraqi Dinar which is, at this time, hyper inflated to the point that the currency is not even traded outside of Iraq, the only people buying dinars seem to be people focused on a dinar reset, or revaluation which was predicted to happen back in 2011, but never materialized.