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Hey everyone,

So, I have noticed that there have been quite a number of Iraqi dinar websites that basically just do the whole Google auto translate thing on Arabic news articles, and it’s supposed to be accurate.

Most of these are then copied and pasted from website to website and there is little done to correct the translations.  It seems that little effort is done to actually ensure the translations are 100% accurate.  Maybe it’s too expensive to hire a professional, either way, starting today, I will be launching a free translation service for anyone who has a document that they need translated as long as it deals with the dinar.  No point in translating something else, this website is about the Iraqi dinar, plan and simple.

September 10, 2016
By: Nick Giammarino
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Here is how this is going to work out,  all you have to do is simply forward me an article that is in Arabic that you want translated.  I will have it professionally translated by someone either in Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt or any other country where Arabic is the primary language.

I will then put the translations here on my website, in the hopes that those dinar websites out there will link to me as the source of the accurate translation.  I know, James Wolf (Dinar Vets) has a huge problem with having people post links to other dinar sites, they just want to take all the information without leading you to the source.

At this point, the people want the truth.  They don’t need articles that are poorly translated where the word keywords appears over and over again.  You have see those articles.

As always, my YouTube and my newsletter subscribers will be the first ones to have the translations done accurately.  I’m doing this as a way of giving back to the dinar community.

Please share this post with the other dinar websites, I’d be happy to talk to the owners individually.  I have no problem doing this as I personally want the best translations for my own websites, I’m sure they do as well.

Here are just a few of the translations my guys have done:

This YouTube video:

This PDF:

Thanks to everyone who has sent in articles already, keep sending them in, and let your friends know that I’m now doing this for free!


Nick Giammarino
Dinar Guru Hunter

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