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A very popular Iraqi Dinar dealer, one that most of you probably know or have done business with. Has been HACKED!

I was able to obtain multiple customer invoices, and I was able to track the hacking to a country overseas.

Now, in order to protect myself, I’m going to be giving out just a little bit of information in the coming weeks.

My newsletters will have videos that show the hacked site, and you will actually witness me downloading your invoices, yes, I now have access to that companies invoices, and because they are out there in the open I cannot be held responsible as I was not the one who hacked the site.

This is going to be huge, so make sure that anyone you know, who has EVER purchased Iraqi Dinar online, is on my mailing list, it’s FREE and I’m just here to warn you guys.

I know I will probably get a lot of heat, but here is the thing, this company, from what I can tell, has done NOTHING to protect your information, so by me putting my videos out, maybe now they will do something.

Here is the mailing list guys, if you don’t see it, switch to Chrome, Firefox has issues:

Again, make sure EVERYONE you know is on this list, I don’t care what company they ordered from, all are now at risk.

Watch for my video uploads here:

I know what a few of you are probably asking:

What currency dealer are we talking about?

Answer: I will be making screenshots and in the future, posting videos of the damage already done in order to protect myself from attacks (backlash) for putting this information out. Expect the name of the dealer in the next 10 days (before 8/21/2016).

How much information was hacked?

Answer: It appears like they got in, added some code and unprotected some pages, thus, allowing me to get in there and download customer invoices.

Why did you download customer invoices?

Answer: If I hadn’t done this, then the company who got hacked could say that I hacked them, or that I am responsible for whatever negative effects my posting might have. I want to protect myself, so I’m archiving as much as I can. Also, the company now has a responsibility to notify them.

What am I getting out of this?

Answer: I have had my websites hacked, I’ve had credit card stolen, so this will help ensure that all dealers use better protection on their websites, including monitoring daily for changes to their source code. I’m sure this brings me more credibility as a guy trying to help the dinar community out and not just bash gurus.

How did you find they got hacked?

Answer: I will reveal this information shortly in a tutorial video.

What should we do until then?

Answer: Don’t buy any more Iraqi Dinar until you know what dealer this is.

Who is the dealer? Are they a big name?

Answer: Certainly, you all know this dealer, you would have to be living under a rock to not know their name. Even if you haven’t purchased from them, you know who they are.

There are a lot of dinar guru websites out there that continue to post the same news from the same failed sources day in and day out. What is their true agenda? Do they keep in regular communication with their members? Do they always have the same callers on all the time? Are they always pumping products and currency sales or worthless trust packages? Do your research on everyone and please check out our advertisers:

What will the dinar dealer do after you put out their name?

Answer: As typical with these companies, they will attack me, threaten me, but I’m hoping that they simply get their site fixed, notify current and future customers that their site is secure, and leave me alone.

Why didn’t you just notify the company privately?

Answer: Would you? If you knew tens of thousands of people’s data might have been stolen wouldn’t you put a notice out? Here are some examples:

So, after reading those headlines, do you really think I should have kept quiet about this?

Give me your feedback, join my Facebook page, and let’s talk about this openly: